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Welcome to the OpenVentilator oficial page!

Our Main GOAL
Design, Build, Validate and Supply a reliable Ventilation Medical Equipment for people/regions/countries in dificult economical situations to help on the COVID-19 Crisis. (That's is why we didn't continued putting efforts on the projects being developed by other teams like USP/MIT who have a different society and economical aproach, discarding ambubags/stepper motors/complex valves/compressed central air)

Cities are running out of Ambubags, so we developed a Bellow system that can be build with 4 Discs, Wheel Chamber and Ziplock food bag for sanitary standards.

We use a windows wiper motor and 12VDC Power Supply or an PC PSU.

Make a donation and help us build the most affordable and democratic mechanical ventilator on the planet.

Only the Human Collective can save lifes

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We are developing a solution that can be easily implemented horizontally without the need for large industries since an industrial park is not the reality in many cities in Brazil. In addition, we are approaching the project in a completely different way.

In the last few hours, after several conversations with different doctors and clinical engineers, we saw that the precision of pressure control and volumetric adjustment is extremely important for the project. We saw that there are many groups of makers trying to solve the problem, but the truth is that it is not possible to solve such a complex problem with such simplified solutions. We must not forget that respiratory ventilation equipment costs on average a minimum of US$ 15,000. We are trying to make a project for approximately US$ 500. We saw some alternatives for $ 30.00 but believe it is unreal.
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Another important point is our change in the approach of using the "Ambu" bag. These bags, despite easily found in big cities is not found in small villages and poor countries, also it is questionable if they could stand ventilating a patient for 20 days intubated, that's why we pivoted our design to replace Ambu with a Bellows, exactly the same as how hospital respirators use

Tha Ultimate Build Spartan Ventilator Machine

We are looking for parts suppliers and we want to expand this project to Latin America and other countries in Europe and North America. We currently have volunteers from different areas of expertise from Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Colombia, USA, India, Israel, Spain, Netherlands, Uruguay and Brazil.

We need the support of industries, makers, and all kinds of people willing to face this war scenario. Italy's case seems to be the most similar to ours in Brazil and Argentina, but with an advantage, they have money there, we don't have it here.

If we consider the Italian population of approximately 60Mi and that we have 60,000 infected and transport it to the Brazilian scenario, we have the recipe for chaos. Our hospital park currently has 64,000 respirators nationwide, probably requiring the constraints of 100,000 respirators in the next 2-3 months. That is why our urgency to gather forces to fight this scenario.





This was the first tested prototype with a Wiper motor 12V DC, ATX power supply and a Bellow system with a tire chamber 

The next prototype wil have, filtering intake and outlet, Peep-Valve, Check and Divert Valve, Expiratory valve, Max pressure control, inhale exhale control



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